Terms of cooperation

Key terms and conditions of cooperation with Kota-group company are as follows:

The recruiting fee – 15-20% of annual gross salary of a successful candidate

Actual payment of the fee after the candidate starts work or or in two phases – ⅔ of the total cost of project payable when the candidate starts and ⅓ – after the end of probation period. Feasibility of choosing a particular scheme depends on complexity and project uniqueness.

Guarantee of free replacement – 3-6 month after the start – depends on the level of position or the candidate and on time, which is required for the employee to show results on the new position in the company.

If you are willing to make a prepayment, it is not a problem but normally we do not work on the basis of prepayments.

For difficult projects that require deep level of analysis and thorough market research, we use short-list fee (⅓ from full fee) or fixed compensation in case of project cancellation.

Also, we have special offers available here.
“Pilot project” – for first standard project you put the price by yourselves. Could be useful for companies, which never worked with recruiters before and are not yet able to evaluate fully the advantages and disadvantages of the particular payment system.

Subscription” – when you have a lot of typical vacancies which regularly require candidates but there is no HR-manager in the company.

Low-cost recruiting” – dividing recruiting process in phases – each phase sold separately.