The value of external recruiting

Some companies may not fully understand how valuable recruiting can be and in which cases it is advised to refer to the external recruiting consultants. It is worth noting that the professional recruiting implies combination of specific competences:

  • knowledge of the key business processes of any company in any sector

  • strong communicational skills

  • skills in building relationships and developing network of contacts

  • analytical skills and the ability to quickly process large amount of data simultaneously

  • expertise in a specific field or sector, market knowledge is always an advantage.

Often, top and middle-level managers possess all of these competences and rightly feel that they can find relevant specialists by themselves, using their broad network of contact, which is hard to argue – it is true. There is only one question – do these managers have enough time for this work? In addition, how much does one hour of a top manager involvement cost in comparison with what you would pay to the professional recruiters who will spend days on searching, selection, interviewing, assessing and communication with the candidates.

If you have enough free time and can afford switching from your main tasks of business to recruiting, it will be the ideal solution for you. In most cases, the efficiency and the impact from own search will be quite high, however as usual, such circumstances are rare. Usually, companies find solution in internal resources – personnel manager or experienced recruiter will cover all the necessary requests. But, there are also times when collaboration with the recruiters can really make sense:

  1. Confidential search. In case, you do not want the information about the new search to appear on the market prematurely. There could be different reasons for this: employee replacement, market study of possible external candidates comparing with the internal applicant, entering the market, starting a new project, etc.
  2. Absence of internal HR manager or recruiter and no need of its permanent presence. In small companies or projects, it could be more appropriate to contract the recruiting agency than employ permanent staff.
  3. Extremely heavy workload of internal HR manager not related with recruiting and the same time – shortage of time.
  1. Temporary presence of a large number of open vacancies. The situation when there are seasonal needs of workers or starting a new project requires assistance from the external specialists.
  1. HR manager work mainly with low- and mid – level vacancies and has no experience of executive search and assessment.
  1. 6. Specific requirements for the specialist, market limitations, the necessity to search exclusively based on recommendations and using direct search.
  1. Narrowly focused search. In these cases, it makes sense to approach recruiting agencies with particular specializations (IT, finance, e-commerce, etc.) as relevant experience helps make the search quick and with highest quality.

If you decided to collaborate with us, you can review terms and conditions of cooperation and special offers or contact us in any way convenient for you.