Successful cooperation with recruiting agencies

If you are looking at this page, most likely you have decided to progress further though the career ladder or continue your professional development. In this situation, many people try to find work by themselves, posting the CV on job search websites and/or applying to the attractive vacancies. It is worth noting however, that in the last few years there is a tendendcy amongst top-managers tendency to increase the collaboration with the recruiters in order to use their experience and networks to find a “dream job” and this makes perfect sense. Those recruiters, who work on the market for a long time, usually know a lot of internal information about companies and have a wide network of contacts, which could be already sufficient to help find an interesting offer for the candidate.

In addition, professional recruiters are always willing to get acquainted with the new candidates and are unlikely to refuse to help. Use this opportunity – get acquainted with the recruiters, remind about yourself, inform them about your career plans, and you will always have interesting and timely proposals.

If you want to meet with the consultants of Kota-group company, send us your CV or contact us.

We would be glad to meet with you in our office or somewhere on the “neutral ground” with a cup of coffee and discuss your career plans and opportunities. Meeting could be confidential and we would never post your CV anywhere without your agreement. Otherwise, if you would like potential employers to know about you, we would be happy to suggest your candidacy within the network of our contacts or post in our facebook page.