Financial consulting - assistance to the business in creation of an effective system of financial management

After working with us, you will know:

  1. Your company’s long- and short-term objectives
  2. How to transform company objectives (both financial and non-finance related) into key performance indicators for the employees.
  3. How to track these objectives and have an impact on the final result

We will:

  • identify easy formula of profitability of your business
  • show how planning and goal-setting could have an impact on your business results
  • show the importance and relationships between business factors with the financial ones
  • learn how to manage cash flows, cope with seasonality and temporary cash shortages
  • learn how to read and understand your balance sheet
  • learn how to read between the lines of your financial reporting
  • give you certain tools and teach you some tricks
  • make the numbers work for the business and not vice versa
  • help make your business transparent for shareholders and manageable for the operational directors
  • make hard thing easy

Products we offer:



  • analyzing financial condition of your enterprise, looking into financial ratios
  • developing and implementing a set of actions to increase business effectiveness
  • deploying the system of daily operational reporting
  • developing and implementing price-setting system
  • developing and implementing staff motivation system
  • calculating payback of investments


  • development of the strategy aimed to increase value of the business
  • creation and implementation of the procedure of annual budgeting
  • formalization of procedures of operational planning, planning matrix
  • deployment of economic models, integrated forecasting


  • Creation from scratch of a convenient and reliable financial management model, unique to your business, based on MS Excel. There is an option to create a completely independent model, with secure data input (useful for family-businesses and start-ups) or alternatively, we can establish semi-automatic data links with any existing accounting system. For the shareholders we can create simple and visual regular reports about current status of the business based on Excel Dashboard Templates
  • development of the accounting policy of the company
  • creation and/or transofrmation of financial reporting according to international standards (IFRS)
  • creating of the system of management accounting
  • implementation of monthly closing procedures and development of reports, creating reporting matrixes
  • preparation of technical specifications for implementation or additional development of “1C” or any other ERP system

We are a team of two professionals dealing with operational finance. We have more than 15 years of practical experience (each of us) in all areas of finance (CFO experience) and accounting (certified international accountant) and in different Ukrainian production and trading companies, as well as international companies (including FMCG). We have an excellent understanding of the business processes of an enterprise (from production to distribution) as well as experience in process implementation and optimization.

We have successful experience of implementation of projects focused on increasing business efficiency (margin growth, cost reduction), but also of transformation of the traditional Ukrainian company in a full-fledged subsidiary of international company, creating of managerial accounting, preparing for internal and external audits (as well as due-diligence).

We believe that any start-up and even the smallest company deserves to have proper accounting and reporting from the very beginning, especially knowing that it could increase valuation of the your company significantly.

By working together with Kota-recruiting we can find an additional resources for tasks and projects of any complexity and of any size.